Real Estate Compliance Strategies

We work with developers of condominiums, planned communities, mixed use projects, and resort developments throughout the United States and Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe to tailor efficient and economical marketing and compliance strategies that maximize their ability to market and sell their properties in multi-state markets.

To this end, we work with developers and their marketing teams to: 


Analyze the availability of exemptions from or the need to register under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act 


Prepare disclosure documents and make the requisite registrations or exemption requests with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and/or State regulatory agencies 


Provide training to marketing and sales teams 


Provide education on compliance requirements in various markets (i.e., States) to facilitate the direction of marketing efforts and comprise a list of markets to register or seek exemption in 


Analyze the availability of exemptions or need to register in target markets


Analyze and devise solutions for fact specific scenarios


Review advertising and marketing materials and provide appropriate disclaimers to comply with State and federal law


Advise on dealing with prospects from “closed” jurisdictions prior to qualification in such jurisdiction